works / Podivuhodná květina / The Miraculous Flower / site specific

Galerijní laboratoř and Gallery (A)void, Náplavka, Praha 2, 5.7. – 22.7. 2018

Night after night, we set off on a journey full of mysterious adventures, moving from one level of experience to another, losing awareness of ourselves, and then finding it again – and we take all this for granted. We wake up in the morning and carry on with our “real” life, although, in a sense, we are still asleep and keep on dreaming. The dream action is a world of autonomous processes, of a surge of imagination emerging from depths of unconsciousness where time does not exist. The dead, those who are alive, animals, and other beings appear in the interplanetary space of our mind. They communicate, enact stories from parallel worlds, spin yarns, create maps, weave webs, constructing the breeding ground for the collective unconscious.

The Miraculous Flower installation by Kamila Ženatá represents a series of dreams of women of several generations.

curator: Matouš Karel Zavadil