works / Roll Over All / audiovisual installation, paintings, text

Gallery Prádelna – Centrum for Current Art – Prague Bohnice /CZ/

Video installation Roll Over All is taking place in an empty, charismatic gallery space, in the figurative sense of the word becoming a quantity beyond time and space, sensual nature of which is empty. The same way human mind fills the space of „emptiness“ with its own contents and projects its psychical  reality into it, seventeen visual  and sound sources are filling the space of the walls of the room step by step with a story consisting of unconscious components, some shadows, figures of archetype characters, emotions, dream fragments, atemporal principles; all moving in circles. The audience enter the exhibition in a real time; they are  present and watching the offered choice of images  going on independently on their will;  but they are co-authors of their own experiences at the same time  because they themselves choose  the point of view and a cut-out from the played stories acting upon their perception. Actually it is a parable of life, when being born, we enter a story already being shooted; we can catch just a sight of a part, not a whole, of a take; we catch the snatches of the stories; we are going around as quickly as we are able to; and then we are going to leave the process again.

The thematic line of the individual video recordings depicts ten archetype characters (Wizard, In Love, Empress, High Priest, Pilgrim, Devil, High Priestess, Lilith, The Universe, Death), describing certain symbolic parts of human psyche.

Roll Over All project is a metaphor of life, basic phenomen of which is rotation. It is not just the human life rotating around but also the Earth, the Planets, the whole Universe. The cycle happens again and again.

There is a main character of a little girl appearing in all the story. She has become an icon of it and has been given an animated shape. It connects all of the above mentioned topics. This girl is little Lilith – thirteen minutes of the story between innocence and cruelty.

Legends, fairy tales, and myths are said stories, not telling information but by the means of images arousing an impression of deeper understanding of the world or a fundamental part of it, in their importance to human life. That is exactly the way the project Roll Over All has been made; it is not possible to understand it, it is necessary “to go through”. God had created the first man Adam from clay and  his first wife Lilith, as well. Adam and Lilith had started fighting each other soon. Lilith had been rejected and had left the Eden. It is just Lilith’s leaving which is important. The deed had become an act of displacing uncomfortable contents on a symbolic level. The leaving might have been the consequence of a foolish victory of a power game. Topical theme at the present.

Curator: Silvie Šeborová