works / Mycelium

Gumárna, Čáslav, 24 April – 26 June 2022
Galerie Pragovka, Prague 7 May – 28 August 2022

What do we know and what do we not know? What do we think we know and what do we think we know? What is the reliability of our knowledge? Do we draw from the depths of ignorance, or do we move from separateness to one consciousness? Myriad questions have always sought the meaning of life and the role of the individual in an infinite universe.
But what is reality?
Although we are bound by a web of all kinds of influences, events, traumas and DNA, do we participate consciously in our lives?
A mycelium of phenomena and relationships – a web more prone to life or destruction?

It seems a dream. She is on a boat that is being carried away by rough water. She knows she needs to turn the boat around and sail to the source.
The mushrooms told her.

Fibres, mycelium, field, matrix, consciousness – these are the themes of the double exhibition Mycelium / NOVA FORMA 2, in which the participating artists will present their works, which were created on the basis of their personal experiences and reflections on the topics offered, as well as their shared self-experience. Mycelium, i.e. mycelium, is understood as a symbol of invisible connections, a self-organizing intelligence that transcends the boundaries of matter and rational understanding.

The art project of Kamila Ženatá, in which the participants were Jana Babincová, Jakub Grosz, Marie Ladrová, Lucie Nováčková, Kateřina Strach Tichá, Magdalena Šlajchová, Pavel Tichoň, Jiří Vyskočil, Pavla Zábranská and Kamila Ženatá