works / Book of Changes / video-audio installation

Immersive video-art installation
Beverley Art Gallery, /UK/
Treasure House Champney Road, Beverley HU17 8HE
2nd February – 30th March 2019

The universal movement of the universe cannot do without perfect order. In this order of the universe, all things, however diverse, are reunited by the action of harmony. The universe is a living and soulful whole in which man plays a significant role. He is the mediator between heaven and earth, the figure of the Master who dances. In the ancient Indian Upanishads it is said, „Tat tvam asi“. It is you.

You and the things of the world, of nature, you are not separate, there is no unbridgeable gap between you, just because you may feel separate. The oneness is not monotonous. It is a living unity in inexhaustible multiplicity.

Kamila Ženatá, a few words about the Book of Changes project,

December 9, 2018

Curator: Helena Cox