news / Small lecture series Adventures of self-discovery

The lecture series entitled The Adventure of Self-Discovery is a loose continuation of the spring lectures organized by Kamila Ženatá as a side program to a group exhibition on the transmission of transgenerational trauma. Understanding one’s own life story and the possibility of changing the setting of one’s psychological reality has a beneficial effect for experiencing life to the fullest, leading to inner maturity and independence. The new series of lectures is named after the book by Stanislav Grof, a Czech psychiatrist living in the United States, who was instrumental in researching altered states of consciousness.

The lecturers will talk about a deeper communication with the human inner self through altered states of consciousness and through scientific as well as personal experience will present the potential of self-cultivation of personality and awareness of one’s existence. Research into the administration of psychoactive substances to patients is showing new possibilities in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

The lectures will take place at the Hybernska Campus from 18:00 on:

16 October 2024 Peru, Ayahuasca & Axis Mundi, lectured by Václav Dejčmar

23 October 2024 Psychedelic Renaissance: afterglow, lecture by Filip Ryba Tylš

30 October 2024 Psychedelic Processing of Trauma – Images of the Mind, lecture by Marek Preiss

Moderated by Kamila Ženatá