news / A monograph that traces the work of Kamila Ženaté

Kamila Ženaté’s work cannot be assigned to any group trends of the domestic art scene of recent decades. The author belongs to a generation of artists who, in the words of art historian Milena Slavicka, „were as if covered with sand“. Her deeply solitary and highly communicative artistic statement is valuable not only for its richness of sovereignly mastered expressive facets (graphics, painting, video art, site-specific, installation), but above all for its complex human and spiritual message. Through her work, Kamila Ženatá seeks to explore the depths of nature and the human soul, and, in an even deeper plan, the essence of Being. Inspired by Taoism, psychoanalysis, quantum physics and psychedelic experiences, she explores the possibilities of expressing the inexpressible. The monograph includes a selection of the artist’s work from 1972 to 2022, from her beginnings at the Academy of Fine Arts through a series of unique artist projects (e.g. Learn to Stand on One Foot, 2nd Floor, Women’s Court, Event Horizon) to the present day. The development of the work is charted in a balance sheet interview with Kamila Ženata conducted by poet Milan Ohnisko. Reproductions of drawings, prints, installations and paintings are arranged in chronological order and are accompanied by photographs from the artist’s personal archive and excerpts from texts reflecting her work. In the preface, painter Viktor Pivovarov writes: „Her latest paintings appear as if they were not the work of a human hand, but spontaneously emerged. Kamila has freed the language of painting to speak for itself, to give colour a chance to live its own life. She stepped back as an author, she became a mediator through which the energies and meanings that transcend Kamila pass.“

A monograph that traces the work of Kamila Ženaté between 1972 and 2022, can be purchased here: