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Všechno jako na počátku světa, DOX Praha, 2024

Large-format canvases by Kamila Ženatá, created in recent years, will transport you to the unconscious, to the stars, to the dawn of the world. Visit the exhibition Everything Like at the Dawn of the World, which spans three floors of the DOX tower, until 2 June 2024. For more information about the exhibition, visit

Kamila Ženatá is a multimedia artist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, whose two exhibitions in Prague are currently underway. At the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art there is an exhibition entitled Everything as at the Beginning of the World and at Campus Hybernská Kamila is exhibiting her project My Shoes, Your Shoes. Máša Pivovarová talks to her not only about these exhibitions, but also about Václav Hraběti, training in active imagination, dreams, analogies between art and shamanism, transgenerational transmission or experiences with psychotropic substances, when Kamila experienced what it is like to be a cell, an algae or a plant.MišMaš Art

Everything Like at the Dawn of the World

The artist Kamila Ženatá works with imagination, fantasies and dreams. In DOX she exhibits large-format canvases inspired by mycelium, natural networks and memory.

TV 13

Artlist:Talk – Kamila Ženatá

In the next part of the Artlist:Talk project, artist Kamila Ženatá presented her current work.

The Pain of Others, DOX Prague, 2023

Listen to artist Kamila Ženaté talk about her work White Sickness. What is the installation made of, what is it inspired by and what ideas does it reflect? In the exhibition The Pain of Others, meet not only the work, but also your own feelings. For more information about the exhibition, visit

We are ruled by fear, thinks the woman, who considers the problems of the contemporary world to be relationship issues, feelings of loneliness or the growing number of depressed or addicted people. For her work, she combines art and psychotherapy, and in her project The Women’s Court, aka Hardened Linen, she has explored the transmission of trauma between generations. Isn’t it sometimes better not to know what our ancestors experienced? What is the societal effect of fear? And what usually troubles the people who come to her therapy groups? Moderator Lucie Vopálenská asks artist and psychotherapist Kamila Ženaté.

ARTEDU | REC Artist: Kamila Ženatá

Janek Rous: Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a unique project on the Czech art scene in terms of both its focus and its duration – it took three years to realize. In September 2014, a group of seven women got together in Kamila Ženatá’s studio in order to embark on a shared journey of self-discovery during which they described their childhoods and outlined the systems in which they were raised. They shared their stories, told their dreams, and grew closer to (or ran away from) one another… The two previous stages of this process were presented at Karlin Studios (2015) and Venuše ve Švehlovce (2016). For the third installment of Event Horizon at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in 2017, Kamila Ženatá invited other artists as well, including Janek Rous, whom she asked to create an original art documentary film about the entire, now finished, process. Rous interviewed the participating women, whose responses are underscored by the virtual reality of abandoned spaces of online computer games. Their statements are highly personal and open. By contrast, the anonymity of the virtual spaces makes them feel almost dreamlike and unreal. Rous’s film is made in such a way that it is impossible to tell what is a real story and what is a description of a dream – these two aspects are mutually interchangeable. This narrative form allows us to explore reality from the position of the unconscious – i.e., to explore events that cannot be rationally understood. Perhaps for this reason, the things that are least believable feel frighteningly real. Janek Rous’s documentary film is a personal record of an experiment whose mission was (according to exhibition curator Milan Ohnisko) to „publish a report on the inner workings that shape a person’s mental reality under globalized consumerism.“

Za Horizontem událostí je neschopnost vytvářet vztahy, DOX, ČT24, 9. června 2017

Author’s reading of the dramatic assemblage Horizon of Events by playwright Lenka Lagronová

DOX Prague, 2017, featuring: Lenka Lagronová, Milan Ohnisko, Kamila Ženatá

UNITED PHOTO PRESS presents Kamila Ženatá at DOX, 2013

Kultura s dvojkou, 22. září 2011, Roll All Over, Prádelna, Bohnice