catalogues / NOVA FORMA 1, Gumárna Čáslav, 2021

Exhibiting artists: Jiří Černický, Barbora Fastrová and Johana Pošová, Richard Loskot, Karíma Al-Mukhtarová, Petr Nikl, unconductive trash (Rudi Koval and Michal Pěchouček), Viktor Pivovarov, Michal Strach, Kamila Ženatá.

Zdenka Švadlenková, the curator, together with the NOVA FORMA team, approached ten top Czech artists representing three generations and invited them to create an artwork tailored to the characteristic industrial space.

The artists were asked the same question: what does the new form mean to them. Each artist approached the topic in his own original way and nine impressive, spatially generous installations were created. The viewer will see, for example, a work composed of 72 extension cables by Jiří Černický (Melting One), the seemingly cheerful world of plush and plastic toys by Kamila Ženaté (Happy Planet), a digital illusion by Richard Loskot that can be entered, or a large-scale image created by electronic bugs controlled by Petr Nikl. The presentation of the work of Viktor Pivovarov, whose retrospective exhibition is currently on view at the National Gallery in Prague, is also tempting.