catalogues / Mycelium, 2022, Gumárna Čáslav, Pragovka, Praha

Exhibiting artists:

Jana Babincová, Jakub Grosz, Marie Ladrová, Lucie Nováčková, Kateřina Strach Tichá, Magdalena Šlajchová, Pavel Tichoň, Jiří Vyskočil, Pavla Zábranská, Kamila Ženatá

Concept of the project: Kamila Ženatá

The mycelium / NOVA FORMA 2 project is unique in many ways. In the spirit of the exhibition’s theme, the NOVA FORMA platform from Čáslav, which operates in the industrial space of the former Gum Factory, was connected with Pragovka in Prague – and the mycelium networks interconnected and created a space for communication between two independent cultural locations.

The third collective exhibition in the industrial space of Gumarna was conceived as a process, which Kamila Ženatá invited eight visual artists and one physicist to participate in. The concept of the exhibition was seamlessly connected to the theme offered by Pragovka’s artistic direction, „digital and morphic fields“, creating a trans-regional collaboration between the two institutions for the first time in their history.

Fibres, mycelium, field, matrix, consciousness – these are the themes of the double exhibition mycelium/NOVA FORM 2, in which the participating artists will present their works, which were created on the basis of their personal experiences and reflections on the offered themes, as well as their shared self-experience. Mycelium – mycelium is understood as a symbol of invisible connections, a self-organizing intelligence that transcends the boundaries of matter and rational understanding.